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JA V69 Review

Reviewed: 2008-06-18
Quick site rank and complete review of JA V69 | Categories: Asian

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standard rank
Our Rating: 79/100

Quality of Content: 25/25

Purchase Value: 18/20

Leased/Own Content: 3/15

Update Frequency: 9/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 1/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: no

Downloadable Video: yes

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Tour Promises

JAV69.com promises largest Japan adult site, high-resolution movies, downloads, sexy Japanese babes, regular updates.

My Opinion About JAV69

So, you love Japanese films straight from the homeland, but you're finding it hard to really get a tight grip on a decent site featuring Tokyo chicks. No problemo! JAV 69 is the name of this video archive site with a very large selection original DVD titles straight out of Japan.

There's really not much to the site design. I can tell you that the layout doesn't like FireFox, so if you want to look at the site as it should be, then using your IE browser does seem to make it better. However, I was able to download movies using both browsers. There isn't really much information about the site, except that it has been gathering titles since around September 2007. At first, JAV69 was adding 40 movies a month, but these days they add at least five films every two days, which equals around 75 new ones each month.

Organization was an issue for me. I didn't like it much at all. Also, there isn't a dedicated members' area. You can search titles by date or there's a star directory listing actresses alphabetically. There aren't any other ways to browse the content and there aren't any video descriptions, so you'll pretty much just have to look at the updates, see the title and look at the front and back covers of the DVDs.

The good news is that there's no DRM. However, the bad news is that there's a daily download limit and if you go over that limit, then your account will be suspended. The limit actually depends on the price you pay (see price and payment options). Movies are in .zip files and each one is over 1GB. They are massive files, but I've experienced longer downloads from other sites with smaller files.

There are blogs and I imagine they are written in Japanese (not sure because I don't actually read in any Asian language). I did wish that they were translated to English, at least. There are 37 sets of photo set available, but these are free for anyone, so nothing special for members. Nonetheless, there are about 50 quality 1039x675 erotic shots in each of them and they are exclusive.

Movies are the main draw and currently there are around 400 titles, which is pretty damn good for a site that only started up several months ago. I didn't happen upon any huge Japanese pornstar names, but admittedly I'm not that savvy regarding Japanese pornstars. The babes are beautiful, though. They all look so sweet and innocent, that it's hard to believe that they're even in porn. Nonetheless, here they are, often in the typical Japanese collegiate uniforms and getting spanked for their naughtiness. Sometimes they're playing with toys and friends, but mostly you'll find them being so dirty that it's no wonder half the scenes blur out the penetration. Public sex, bondage, hardcore role-play, cream pie, all chick gangbang parties and even bukkke can be found. However, like I said, the site isn't terrifically organized. You can't find films by niches, so you basically have to spend a lot of time trying to find the sort of action that you love best.

Films are excellent quality 6,854Mbps 736x414 AVI movies that are about two hours long and are in Japanese. The videos that I watched didn't have English subtitles. This isn't to say there aren't any, but it's hard to know where to look for them. One film can have a huge variety of hardcore and even if you can't understand the dialogue, you will certainly understand the hunger these chicks have for cock!

Final Verdict

Despite the lousy navigation, the films on JAV69 end up being totally worth your while. You're getting straight out of Japan films, so when thinking about this site you should bear in mind that penetration scenes, blowjobs and cumshots are blotted with pixels. For some people, this will just be part of the charm of original Japanese films. For others, this may put a damper on the total experience. Of course, true fans will not regret the amount of content, even if there are daily download limits.

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